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Today is Small Business Saturday and Shop The Neighbourhood here in Canada! Alexandra and I made this little video last month and I thought today would be the perfect day to share. Here are some of our favourite homegrown boutiques, bakeries and bookshops in Toronto. Shop local this holiday season!


my first attempt at crepes

Ok, so these aren't the prettiest of crepes. But they tasted delicious and after all that work I wasn't going to let these go straight to the trash. I've been intrigued for some about with chia jam. I'd seen lots of recipes involving berries but never stone fruits and since apricot jam is one of my favourites, I gave it a go. Again, not the prettiest of jams but ah well. Now a note about the crepes, crepe making is not my forté. I think I made about 20 crepes and only 3 were semi photo-worthy. I just don't understand how to not make them stick! Or tear! I was inspired by my grandmother's Hungarian palacsinta, which are thin crepes rolled up with fillings like ricotta cheese, ground walnuts and apricot jam and then dusted with sugar. I think I may have disgraced her with these but in my defence these were my first attempt!

I'm going to link to the recipes I used because I think the instructions could get a little lengthy here.

For the crepes
For the apricot chia jam

To assemble:
1. Make the cheese filling: process 1 small container of ricotta cheese with 1/4 cup sugar or to taste.
2. Make the walnut filling: grind 1 cup walnuts with 1/4 cup powdered sugar.
3. Spread a layer of cheese, then walnuts, and then the jam.
4. Dust with powdered sugar.


top notch: back to school supplies

Back in grade school, the first week back meant an exciting trip to Staples to stock up on back to school supplies. The crisp, untouched pages of a Hilroy notebook, the sharp edges of a perfectly wrapped Staedtler eraser and a new Five Star binder with all the hidden pockets you could hope for. And then came organizing and sorting everything at home with dividers. Aahhh the simple things. I like to think that years later my taste for stationary would now receive an A+ and since I'm in my last year of school (!!!), I've picked out these sophisticated goodies to fill up your desk with. And if you're not going back to school, we don't have to tell anybody.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Happy first month back at school!


farmer's market salad

Farmer's markets are one of my favourite things about summer/early fall but I'll admit I don't hit them up as often as I'd like. A couple weeks ago I took a trip to the UBC farm for the first time and I came home with some good finds! The best thing to do with such fresh produce like this is to eat it raw and so I made this salad:

I'd never heard of lemon cucumbers before and so of course I had to try them. They taste exactly like cucumbers but have a slightly different texture on the outside. I love how you can cut them into wedges!

Aren't these radishes the prettiest you ever did see?

I added a couple pieces of fried halloumi and topped it with some chopped cherry tomatoes drizzled in olive oil.
So good!

There's nothing better than buying from your local farmers!